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H2.finance was born to collaborate and help on the Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs, from the 2030 agenda objectives of United Nations.

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YFIO2 token launch delayed due to IEO exchange negotiations.
Everyone who participated in the presale will receive 5% extra YFIO2 tokens because of the delay inconvenience.
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H2.finance was born to
collaborate and help

Our support field will be throughout the point n 7 of the agenda, “Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.

Our Objectives

Green energy projects like eco-friendly electricity production and hydrogen sourced energies are the present and the future. We are here to support Green evolution by financing ecological energy companies.

Our Mission

We know that in order transition from fossil energy into clean one, companies allocate huge funds. Our mission is to provide economical credits.


Transitioning to Green energy certainly has a costly endeavour. H2.finance, as a financial entity, will be able to support those companies in executing their projects by providing principal with fair interest percentage to them in terms of YFIH2 TOKENS.

What about the contract?

H2.finance will sign a contract with the energy companies in order to obligate themselves to pay the loan by the stipulated period of time and amount agreed designed on a monthly fee.

By the other side, H2.finance will guarantee the collection of money through the granting of guarantees and collection insurances which will be executed if the energy company doesn’t pay the monthly payment correctly in time and form.


How does YFIH2 investors get profit from the loans?

H2.finance will develop a web application which will be connected to Metamask, Trust Wallet, Binance wallet and will be able to transfer YFIH2 tokens to the energy company wallet.

Once the company will have collected all necessary tokens, they will be sold to get started on their projects.

In order to not impact the price significantly, H2.finance won't offer any credit which amounts to more than 5% of the token's market cap.

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Looking to the future.

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How it works:

Control your future

H2.finance will participate in the loans so it's profit will be the proportional part.

Why do we want to do this?

We belief in the evolution of green energy and the desire to be actively involved as we want everyone who contributes would profit.

  • H2.Finance and it's investors will profit by increasing the marketcap.
  • Competitive crypto-based loan rates for Energy companies financing green energy solutions.
  • Everyone collaborating for a greener globe.
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Meet the team behind

We're a close team of individuals, designers & developers who work together.

Olivier Herrera

Chief Executive Officer

Wisdom Ifenkwe

Website Developer

Umair Ahmed

Marketing Chief


Questions and Answers

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What exactly is its Purpose?

H2.Finance is the financial company supported on its own crypto assets to support by loans to energy companies by their green energy investments & projects.

What’s the overall plan?

H2.Finance will be built once YFIH2 is listed on Binance according to the Roadmap. Strong tokens and multi-financial crypto services will serve to the purpose.

YFIH2 is the first token from H2.Finance. DeFi token with 25,000 total supply. Staking boarding panel to join and support other crypto projects will be the first financial crypto service.


YFIH2 is currently traded on Pancakeswap DEX and on Indoex Exchange.

  • To buy on Pancake: YFIH2 is traded with BNB, so first you need BNB as BEP20 (Binance Smart Chain) token. BNB should be sent to Metamask or Trust Wallet wallets. Once Metamask or Trust wallet is connected to Pancakeswap you must to select BNB on "From" slot and bottom slot tap "Select currency" to search YFIH2 token. It's search by introducing the YFIH2 contract "0xdcb624c870d73cdd0b3345762977cb14de598cd0" Before to swap be sure the slippage tolerance is 5%. Set the amount you wish to buy in the "From" box, and press the "Swap" button and Confirm the transaction.
  • To buy on Indoex: Register on www.international.indoex.io and search YFIH2. You can buy it on YFIH2/BNB and YFIH2/USDT trade pairs.

You can stake now your YFIH2 on www.thetokenkennel.com boarding panel and soon on www.h2finance.com

Yes. Everyone with good will and creative ideas can contribute on H2.Finance project. You can share your ideas by email or sending a message.


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